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The world’s top big Cafe shows the vane of the electronics industry

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“Chinese 2025” and a series of intelligent manufacturing policies and related measures to promote the introduction of intelligent manufacturing level of manufacturing industry is accelerating, not only to ensure that the Chinese manufacturing industry transformation and upgrading of the successful realization of the goals, but also to intelligent manufacturing has become the industry opportunities and new economic development momentum.

last July, the new generation of AI development plan was released. The new generation AI development plan and major science and technology project launch meeting in November of the same year marked the new generation of AI development plan and major technology projects to enter the implementation stage. CITE2018 artificial intelligence Theme Pavilion will showcase the artificial intelligence ecosystem, iFLYTEK, Lenovo, science and technology, zero or one, DELL and other core business circle key will show the research results of artificial intelligence, while more cutting-edge company products and technology, covering the city of wisdom, wisdom education, wisdom, wisdom and medical sector of automobiles.

digital family – let intellectual “sense of wisdom” live quietly to

digital home as a huge consumer market, with the growing spiritual and cultural needs of the people, digital home entertainment, online education and community service gradually rise, demand of digital home equipment is more and more big, will effectively promote and stimulate the development of related industries, stimulate the field of consumption growth and transformation and upgrading of enterprises. With TCL, Hisense, Haier, Changhong, SKYWORTH and Konka as the representatives, the main household appliance manufacturers and system level manufacturers will gather in CITE2018 to create the supporting area for future smart life and the display area of hardware.

intelligent terminal — new life experience

intelligent terminals have been fully integrated into the production and life of human society, not only become the core of global information consumption, but also provide an important innovation platform for the development of new industries. The cloud computing, Internet of things, big data, mobiles Internet, artificial intelligence, advanced manufacturing and other industries driven by intelligent terminals have a profound impact on environment, energy and global economic integration. CITE2018 set up intelligent terminal exhibition area, DELL, OPPO, vivo and other well-known enterprises will bring new products.

, where Lenovo will focus on LenovoMirageAR this year, Lenovo Mirage is Disney’s Star Wars AR game device, using the enhanced reality program driven by smart phoness, bringing unprecedented immersive Star Wars experience to fans. The device as a whole contains an augmented reality head display, a lightsaber controller and a tracking beacon. Star Wars: Jedi challenge, the game application includes lightsaber wars, strategy battles, holographic chess Three Star Wars games, and can match the mainstream smartphones models and configurations on the market. Players can download the game application through a smartphones to experience the experience.

new display industry will speed up
In the field of

new display, many innovative technologies and innovative products emerging from the upstream and downstream of the industry chain affect the future development trend of the whole industry chain, and all kinds of intelligent terminal products continue to grow and become new driving force for industrial development. CEC (AOC, panda, Rainbow), LGDisplay, BOE, Huaxing Power, CIGNA and other leading enterprises will debut the new CITE2018 display exhibition.

The implementation of

big data development action, strengthen the development and application of a new generation of artificial intelligence, medical, pension, education, culture, sports and other fields to promote the “Internet plus”, the development of intelligent industry, development of intelligent life.” After the first mention of AI last year, the four mention of intelligence in the government work report pointed out that we should strengthen the research and application of the new generation AI and develop the intelligent industry.

intelligence has become the future direction of China’s development. Intelligent industry will usher in explosive development. The development of logo intelligent industry has been showing a rapid growth in recent years. With the vigorous development of “intelligent” Dongfeng, the prospect can not be underestimated.

by the Ministry of industry and information technology, Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government hosted the sixth session of China electronic information Expo (CITE2018) will be held in Shenzhen Exhibition Center from April 9, 2018 to 11, this once a year, the world-renowned global electronic information feast, all show the development trend of the global forefront of artificial intelligence, digital home, new display, intelligent terminal, lithium new energy, new energy vehicles, car networking, high-end chips, networking and other fields and innovative products, future intelligent life scenes and the blueprint for a better life.

“10” big feature exhibition area

CITE2018 is set to feature in 10 of 10 million square meters of exhibition area in the exhibition area: artificial intelligence, digital home, new display, intelligent terminal, lithium new energy, high-end chips and electronic components, networking, intelligent manufacturing, new energy vehicles, from multi dimension, system display of the electronic information industry chain of scientific and technological achievements and products.

artificial intelligence – or detonating fourth industrial revolution

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