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Research on single-phase bridge rectifier based on MATLAB

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operational amplifier and integrated power amplifier are two kinds of devices that most enthusiasts and enthusiasts like to use. They have many varieties, different performances, and sound quality and timbre have their own advantages. How will the above two types of devices, combined to make the best use of collocations, play their respective advantages, to create the best performance price ratio, is a problem worthy of discussion.

I have accumulated some experience in the course of a few years’ fever, and a considerable number of audio devices are in stock. Among them, integrated operational amplifier and integrated power amplifier are numerous, including early fever, operational amplifier LM833N, NE5532N, NE5535N and recent hot OP275G, LT1057 and AD827JN. Integrated utility is a number of well known models, such as TDA1514A, LM1875T, LM1876TF, LM3886TF, and early TA2030A. Of course, the integrated blocks such as JRC4558P, TL072, and TDA2030 do not have to come up with research because their performance is not yet “feverish”.

The integrated power amplifier above

is the finished product board, the components and technology on the board are more exquisite, and they are very simple. As for the several op amp, as are the standard Dual OP AMP, so only a front buffer amplifier board, June 13, 1999 is the “electronic newspaper” on the “1876” in AD827 with a fine piece of. Components are very thorough: DALE W gold film resistance, WIMA, ELNA capacitance, APLS potentiometer, silver plated double-sided board, the process is very excellent. I dismantled AD827 and replaced a 24K gilded op amp socket.

as for power supply, operation and amplifier use servo power supply of + 15V power supply, power amplifier uses large ring cattle, double bridge rectification, large pond and small pond electrolysis power supply.

I also invited several like-minded fans together, tasting. The time of hearing is still selected after seven p.m., the purpose is to have a better environment. The equipment has the third generation DVD8058A Hivi and Amoi dOuchy 2. 1C software, or listen to the familiar Sax, Cai Qin, Hugo and other old 1.

I love 1876, let it hit the head, in turn for it to replace the aforementioned six operations. Of course, the 827+1876 combination that I used in the past is the best, and is well received. The combination of high and high frequency with a strong musical taste, smooth, balanced, natural, warm, intoxicated, low frequency and neat, easy to take. The combination of OP275+1876 is slightly worse in the sense of high frequency extension, slightly blurred at low frequency, and still excellent in middle frequency. The overall feeling is slightly lost to AD827, which is the first choice for performance price ratio. The LT1057 is a great reputation, but with 1876 collocations is not appropriate, the problem in tone, giving people a “cold” and “thin” feeling. LM833 is similar to NE5532, the tone is warm, but the high frequency burr is strong, the low frequency can not hold the tail, and the 5532 noise is still a little bigger. As for NE5535, there is a serious distortion of the channel after the change, which is estimated to have been damaged, and then it is out of contrast. To sum up, for the LM1876 power amplifier, using AD827 to achieve the highest performance, and the use of OP275 with a high cost performance.

then we change to the LM3886, feeling that it is similar to the 1876 pole, and the power is greater. It still feels better to use AD827. The three types of OP275, NE5532 and LM833 are not very different, but the low frequency of OP275 is better, which may be related to the conversion rate of 22V/ms. LT1057 still embodies the features of the heavy metal, which makes it feel good, dynamic and powerful for home theater. Especially the “Hugo I.” in the “Kiev” pictures at an exhibition “the door was a very majestic.

LM1875 in the prestigious amplifiers, AD827 is not very prominent, so LT1057 is one of the artificial earthquake, the overall balance, tone moderate, high and low frequency rich music details are handled just perfect especially Kenny G Sax, “spring breeze”, in the background of the triangle music accompaniment, very clear and beautiful, all threads neatly tied up. The combination of NE5532 and OP275 1875 is also good. Especially in 5532, it is cheap, and 1875 have the same conversion rate, not the speed of the “bottleneck” problem, make the best use, it is recommended, LM833 is slightly worse.

for 1514A, because it is a “cold” type power amplifier, difficult to get along with several other LT1057, AD827, OP275 better Op. NE5532 and LM833 can also be matched with them, but the intermediate frequency is not quite satisfactory. Comprehensive consideration of 1514A, OP275 is the first choice, not very prominent, but also quite satisfactory.

‘s last appearance of TDA2030A, though it is already yesterday, has large volume in the society, and quite a few of its active speakers still use it. Our suggestion can be used as a reference for 2030A users. We recommend using NE5532 or LM833, which is enough to match the 2030A, and there is no need to pursue the other three. From the sense of hearing, the difference is very little.

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